Learn about UCN’s values, mission and vision.

Urban Capital Network was established to make investing in venture capital opportunities available to everyone. Previously, only the wealthy and well connected had access to institutionally backed high growth investments. Our team has experienced the frustration of being passed over in the venture investment world. Instead of discouraging us, it only fueled our passion to democratize access to high growth investment opportunities for a broader pool of investors. UCN partners with established venture capital firms that believe more people should have access to premium investment opportunities at affordable levels.

Driven by a shared interest in helping others, our partners have helped friends, family, and clients grow their wealth beyond traditional investments like 401K, IRAs, stocks and bonds. We transform individuals into confident investors with access to invest in high growth companies that will revolutionize the future.

Social Impact

We are proud to invest a percentage of our resources in underserved entrepreneurs. By providing vital capital, we’re able to help educate and elevate underfunded entrepreneurs and increase their levels of success. We also contribute to nonprofits that provide early-stage development and support for underestimated entrepreneurs.


We democratize the early stage investment ecosystem by extending access to premium early-stage companies to a broader pool of investors.


UCN is the catalyst, for all investors, no matter their race, gender, social standing, or economic status, that enables equal access to premium investment opportunities.

We believe the key to closing income and wealth gaps is to democratize access to opportunities across the investment ecosystem.

Our industry knowledge and deep relationships allow our investors to participate in early-stage venture-backed opportunities.

The typical minimum entry to participate in VC funds is $250,000, and that’s if you know the right people to give you access. UCN levels the playing field by allowing people to invest at significantly lower amounts.

UCN gains access to these opportunities by partnering with leading venture capital firms committed to diversifying their investor pool.